Reasons why you need a website

Reasons why you need a website

You’ve probably heard me say it several times: yes, you need a website. It’s an essential component of your business.

2022 is almost over, yet I’m still getting asked this question.

When the pandemic hit the world, many people realised how important it was to have a solid online presence.
And by online presence, I don’t just mean social media and instant messaging apps, but your personal web space that you can set up to best represent you and your activity.

Businesses that survived had already invested in a webshop or something similar, thus downplaying the closure of their physical store.
They put procedures in place, such as “booking to pick-up”, to minimise physical interactions (as requested by the authorities) while continuing to sell some of their products.

So if you’re still wondering why it’s essential to have a website for your business, here are some reasons that might convince you.

A personal space in the world of the internet

The internet is very crowded, and it can be challenging to stand out due to an overwhelming amount of offers. Having a website allows you to do just that: stand out.

It is your personal space, the dedicated platform where you can express yourself, show off your work, or share ideas with the world.

If you are an artist or designer, having a portfolio website can be extremely helpful in getting noticed by other artists/designers or companies looking for someone with your skill set.

Personal aesthetics

Your website is also the most significant online extension of your brand. It’s the place where you can freely express your creativity and tell the world who you are and what you stand for.

On social media platforms, our pages all look the same. But, as a business owner, you want to be free of choosing your site’s appearance.

A website allows you to change the look and feel of things, so they match your image, tell your story and carry your vibe. It gives you a shot at individuality and uniqueness instead of being one of many.

An online presence

You need a website for your business because it is the first impression people will get of you, your brand and your services or products.

It will allow you to build trust with potential customers as they navigate through different pages of information about you and what you do.

A website is also where visitors can interact with you by asking questions or sending in requests for information. This means that instead of simply collecting contact details from enquiries made by phone or email, you can now capture all this valuable data on one platform, which makes it easier to manage customer relationships in the future.

Freedom of configuration

On your website, you can change the functionality, structure, style and design to display your content the way you want. In addition, you can create different versions of each page based on user profiles or locations so that visitors see what they’re looking for in an easy-to-navigate manner.

You can also change colour schemes and layouts on mobile devices and desktop computers; this helps ensure that all visitors have an optimal experience regardless of their device or available bandwidth.

You are free to make your information available as you see fit.


Yes, you need a website. It is a must, and the question shouldn’t be up for debate 🙂
It is your brand’s most visible aspect. It is YOUR space, where the general public can find all pertinent information about your business without being distracted by anything else.

My job here is to make a difference, to bring out everything distinctive about you and your company, everything that makes your brand memorable.

And, as I previously stated, I create professional and elegant websites: now is the time to get yours 😊

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