Packshot is a photograph or short piece of film showing your product and its package.⁣

Online, your products sell better when they are well presented. Because what your public can’t touch, they need to see.

I know I have said that a million times, but… «a picture is worth a thousand words».

Indeed, especially when it comes to cosmetics or food, people think that beautiful packaging means the product has high quality.⁣

So these pictures or videos will be used on your web shop, to illustrate your ads, your social media posts and any other online or physical support (flyer, brochure, price list…) ⁣

Who is this service for?

Any professional who sells physical products in-store or online: clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, …

  • Saphinah

    Saphinah 14
    Saphinah 6 Sq
    Saphinah 16
  • Hestia Glass

    Hestia Main 65
    Hestia Main 33
    Hestia Main 83
  • Les Racines de Ndaya

    RDN 7
    RDN 9
    RDN 8
  • Eva Leaf

    Eva Leaf 1
    Eva Leaf 2
    Eva Leaf 3
  • Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs

    NCO 1
    NCO 2
    NCO 3
  • Mizuri

    Suki Suki
    Mizuri + NCO
    Suki Suki
  • Accessorize Mouah

    Afrodisiac Afrodisiac
    Attrape-Rêves Attrape-Rêves
    Own It Own It

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