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What Is: Visual Identity

What Is?

In this new series called “What Is”, I will talk about the various principles of design, explain how they apply to your business in real life and also why you need to invest in your image.

Focus of the week: Visual Identity.

The definition

What Is “Visual Identity”? Also called “Branding”, it’s a set of elements that make up the image of your company, your business. Used correctly, it provides consistency and harmony to your visual communication and helps make your brand stand out.

The visual identity contains the imagery and creative design that makes (or breaks) the first impression, tells your customers who you are, what you stand for and ¹convey the symbolic meaning that cannot be imparted through words alone.

The elements

In general, your visual identity includes

  • your logo — the symbol that clearly represents your brand
  • your color palette — based on the color psychology, each color has a meaning and can project specific messages and feelings onto your audience that will affect day to day decisions. By studying colors and using them accordingly, you can make people “feel” a certain way about your brand.

  • your typography (the font(s) that will be used in your various communication media)

These elements will be used to create and design your business cards, letterhead, brochures and other marketing material.  In addition, all of these components will be listed and described in a document serving as a “guideline” for yourself, your employees and partners. A good way to let everyone know what can and cannot be done with your image.

In practice

A bad first impression is really hard to shake. Thus, your visual identity is a way to introduce your brand to the world without speaking.

How so? Because it’s the first thing the public “sees” and that influences their decision to start interacting with you and, ultimately, to entrust their project(s) to you.

Indeed, over my designer years, I have noticed that having a well defined visual identity inspires confidence in your brand and gives a feeling of professionalism. Your audience finds that, if you have invested with great care in your own image, you will certainly handle their project with the same care.

You can check the few brands I have worked with here.


Finally, I will say that a visual identity is a must-have. It helps you structure the way you present your brand, your company, your business to the world. Nowadays, being professional and dedicated to your work is great but looking like you are indeed these things, is better.

² If brands are people, then visual identity is the walk, the talk, the clothes and the hair…

Thanks for reading 🙂

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¹ Source: Business Dictionary

² Quote by David Brier

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