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What Is: Document Layout

What Is

I created this series to talk about the various principles of Web and Graphic Design. My goal is to explain how these principles apply to your business in real life. Also, I think it will help people understand why it’s important to invest in your image.

Focus of the week: Document Layout.

The definition

What Is Document Layout? Also called Document Design, it’s the process of choosing how to present all of the basic document elements so your document’s message is clear and effective. When a document is well designed, readers understand the information more quickly and easily. Readers feel more positive about the topic and more accepting of its message¹.

In today’s image-oriented society, the content you put out  has to “look good”. The idea behind this service is to create visually attractive content that will present all the information you want to convey in a way that makes people want to read it.

In practice:

This service is useful when you need a professional and elegant presentation of your resume, corporate profile, business projects or any other document that will be made public and shared with your clients, partners, prospects,…

Indeed, lots of studies have shown that nowadays, people don’t really read, especially not long blocks of uninterrupted text. Thus, it’s important to think about a manner to display your message in a way that won’t scare your readers away 😊.

Document Layout will help you do just that. Instead of publishing a document containing lengthy paragraphs, only separated by white space and headings, we will:

  • insert images: as the saying goes, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’

Mizuri Booklet page 8

  • use icons: a good way to liven up the content

Aullyn Presentation page 11

  • add “decor” to the background and sides of the pages as well as behind the texts
Add Decor

Gestion de la réputation de la 1ère dame RDC page 9

Add Decor 2

Lacourtelle Booklet page 18

In conclusion

Document layout plays a huge part in helping you spread your message in the most appealing manner.

Whether it’s a flyer, a full project or your end of the year review, a beautifully crafted document makes for happy readers. And, with a happy reader, you have more chance of getting a good customer.

As I explained in a previous post, looking professional is as much a part of your job as doing your job well because your image is the first thing the public sees.

Finally, it goes without saying that, since this whole process is linked to your image, the document will be designed  in accordance with your visual identity.

Thanks for reading 🙂

¹Source: EDIS

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