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Your domain name: this is your brand, the "name" of your site; the web address by which people will reach it. We will brainstorm together to choose a simple yet catchy name; something that sounds good and helps people remember you easily.


The business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more Web sites. This is the service that actually connects your site to the internet and makes it available to people when they type your web address.


«Your professional email is like a handshake to your clients» and, in this context, should appear as much "businesslike" as possible. An email address under your domain name is essential and will give a stamp of professionalism to your whole activity.


Now that all prerequisites have been met, we will start the real work: «designing the website», make your wishes concrete. We will talk about your logo, your theme color(s), media (photos and videos), menus, etc. This step is really about giving life to your vision.


I can either give you a small course (for a one-time fee) on how to use the administration section of your website to manage it yourself; or I can ensure the maintenance for you, for a weekly/monthly fee. Of course, you must provide the material: text, links, etc


I can provide you with a complete package by offering extra services like:
  • Corporate design
  • Logo design
  • Business cards (design and print)
  • Marketing materials: flyers, leaflets, banners,... (design and print)


  • Basic

  • Premium

  • Deluxe

  • Extras

These prices cover the cost of website creation. (VAT = 21%)
In case you need my services to modify an existing website, I will happily provide a quote.

I accept the following payment methods:

Bank transfer

Bank - ING Belgique
IBAN - BE07377075177966
BIC (or swift) - BBRUBEBB


You can make an online payment directly here
or I can send you a Paypal invoice or a money request.


And any other money transfer means that will make it easier for you, depending on your location and the tools at your disposal.

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