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The importance of Packshot Photography


Packshot (packaging shot) photography is a photograph or short film showing a product and its package in a way that can be used to advertise the product¹.⁣⁣

It is an essential stimulus to sales, intending to trigger in-store, on-shelf product recognition².

Why is packshot photography important?

The human brain reacts to images much faster than it does to words.

Its purpose is to reveal to your potential customers how your product looks in real life.

As I like to say:

«Beautiful images will sell your products better than any speech»…

Packshot photography is also an excellent tool, if not the best, to boost e-commerce. 

When you don’t have the means to own or rent a physical store, quality images significantly impact how your products are perceived and ultimately affect your sales. 

Indeed, online, striking photos of your products give you credibility and inspire confidence in your brand. 

Because what your public can’t touch, they need to see; and when what they see looks good, they will be more inclined to buy.

When to use Packshot Photography

Frankly? All the time!

Every time you need to sell your products, advertise your services or promote your brand, getting attractive pictures should be one of the first things you think about.

Especially when it comes to cosmetics or food, people think that pretty packaging means high quality.

Great packshot photography also shows your audience that you value your own brand because you took care of presenting your products in their best light.

That’s why it’s essential to surround yourself with professionals who are good at their jobs and who will help you show your products in their most favourable light.

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But also

We talk about selling online. This means that your potential customers cannot touch your products.

We have all heard about the countless online scams that we can all  fall prey to on certain shady websites.

As a consequence, we are constantly on the lookout for things that ring alarm bells. 

For example, showing generic images or mockups of your products on your website will have people question why you’re not using pictures of your “real” products.

Your audience will most certainly think you’re trying to mislead them or that something is not entirely clear. And frankly, you would too.

So, showing them exactly what your products look like reduce the chances of complaints and returns. They will know what they’re buying.

In conclusion

Packshot photography is an essential part of your brand’s everyday life.

When it comes to e-commerce, you should know that people react like you when you want to buy something online.

If you have doubts about a shop because their products’ visuals look messy, cluttered and unprofessional, your potential customers may think the same.

To avoid all of that, hire a professional photographer.

They will arrange your products most attractively and snap a shot that makes people want to know more and, ultimately, pushes them to buy from you.

Thanks for reading 😊


¹Definition: Cambridge Dictionary

²Source: Wikipedia

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