GOSIKA Trading

Behind The Logo: GOSIKA Trading

The story

I have known one of the owners for years. In 2019, she contacted me via Facebook because she heard I was a graphic designer. They needed a new logo and visual identity for their main company and eventually, for their different branches.

GOSIKA Trading is an Import-Export company that operates in Luxembourg, Belgium and the DR Congo.⁣ You can use their services for
  • Air freight
  • Sea freight
  • Express Mail

The name: GOSIKA Trading

The founders are a couple, Magali and Stephane; the name GOSIKA Trading  is a contraction of both their last name: Godfroid — Simba Kai.

The details

The fonts used in the logo:

This combination was selected to give a powerful yet harmonious visual of the name with the heaviness of the first font mixed with the elegance and lightness of the second one.

The colors used in the logo have a special meaning:⁣
  • Black — represents chic, elegance and refinement⁣
  • Gold — indicates that the products of the brand are considered as the GOLD of Congo because of their exceptional quality.⁣

The beginning of a nice collaboration

From there, I also designed 2 more logos for the branches of their activity:


Also, as our collaboration was smooth, I was also tasked with designing

  • the logo
  • the business cards
  • the flyers
  • the menu

and the website of a their restaurant (La Métisse — this will be the subject of another post but click on the link if you wish to see the work).

Finally, we are currently in the process of creating the packaging for their various natural food products from the DRCongo.

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Thanks for reading 🙂

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