Fonts of the week

Fonts are sets of printable or displayable typography or text characters in a specific style and size.

While typography is

« The art of arranging letters and text in a way that makes the copy legible, clear, and visually appealing to the reader. »

— CareerFoundry

Have you ever glanced at a font or a group of fonts and immediately felt “something” about it?

Indeed, along with the other elements of your brand, the fonts used for your logo — if you opt for a logotype — your headlines and body texts will give your brand a specific personality, a distinct identity.

Another definition of Typography is

« the art of arranging a message in a readable and aesthetically-pleasing composition. »

— 99designs

Typography is a powerful communication tool and an integral part of graphic design, hence, of your brand.

Indeed, as each font brings out a different emotion, choosing the right one to get your message across is essential because it can make or break your design.

Below, I have compiled a list of elegant display serif and sans-serif fonts that you can use for your various design projects.

Enjoy 🙂

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