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Your business cards, a physical extension of your visual identity that you can share with your prospects, existing and future clients.⁣

Most of the time, it will contain your logo and company name as well as your name, email address and contact ⁣number(s).

Nowadays, adding links to your social media can also be useful.

Depending on your personality, your business cards will look serious or edgy, colorful or simple. It can also be classic (usual landscape) or original (vertical, square, with round corners,…) and contain a picture or a qr code. The qr code can be linked to your website, social media or any other web page that you would like to advertise.

The most recent types of business cards are made of plastic and can contain a chip that, once scanned by a smartphone, allows to save all your contact details.

But whatever form, style and paper you choose, we’ll make sure they are designed by respecting the rules of your visual identity in terms of color(s) and font(s).

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