Monka, the owner of BeYoungForever, is a beauty therapist from Belgium. With more than ten years of experience, she has been in contact with different skin colours and their problems.

Currently based in Manchester, UK, she found out that there was a lack of interest and knowledge of black skin in general, afro hair and make-up and decided to fix this situation.

With BeYoungForever, she covers all skin complexions. She wants to promote beauty of all shades and provide proper treatments and advice for any skin colour.

She owns a beauty salon where she offers various services: hair care, manicure and pedicure, make-up and also sells cosmetics products and hair extensions online.

BeYoungForever Visual Identity
BeYoungForever Visual Identity
BeYoungForever Visual Identity
BeYoungForever Visual Identity
BeYoungForever Visual Identity
  • Flyers⁣⁣: to advertise her services and her make-up classes
  • Posters: to adorn the walls of her beauty salon
  • The beauty salon detailed price list
  • Various aftercare information cards: to be given to the client after a treatment
  • A brochure: this one containing the list of services with illustrative pictures and their prices
  • A certificate of completion⁣ of make-up courses⁣
  • Thank you cards⁣: to add to the customer’s package with their order, including a discount code for next their purchase
  • The t-shirt⁣⁣: for her and her employees

On the web design side, BeYoungForever’s website ( contains two exciting features:

  1. A page dedicated to her beauty salon with the description of her services and their prices
  2. A booking tool allowing you to make an online reservation

Finally, you get a -10% coupon when you subscribe to her newsletter and free delivery on orders above £100.

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