Behind The Logo: L’Impact

The story: L’Impact

L’Impact is a non-profit organisation located in Estaimpuis that aims to develop social link through work.
They offer several types of services, such as

  • “Titres-Services”,
  • ironing,
  • shared cars with or without a driver, etc.

My client, a long time colleague from the European Commission, asked me to create a demo website that he would present to the organisation’s board members. I designed for him, in the past, the logo for DS Club Tornacum that received quite a lot of success.

I was inspired to design this logo, even though it was only for a demo, because I wanted something that matched the new look and feel I was bringing in. Better #DoItWell or not at all!

Well, they loved it and decided to keep it 😊 The final website is currently under construction as well as 1 other.

The process

I was looking for something that matched the name of the company: L’Impact; something that would inspire a feeling of strength and would stay in your mind. Something simple yet eye-catching and easy to remember.

I went for a Logotype (or Wordmark): a font-based logo that focuses on a business’ name alone.⁣⁣⁣ Now all I had to do is find THE font.

The details

And I found it: Bauhaus 93

I though it was the perfect match; in my eyes, that typo represented everything I was looking for and more. Some of the letters were round enough and some others angular enough for the whole ensemble to look coherent and attractive.

I opted for the color black — color psychology 101 → power, professionalism,… — and white to have a light variation to be used on dark backgrounds.

However, I also wished to add a touch of color so the logo wouldn’t seem too severe. That’s when I thought: “why not put the apostrophe in a bright red and add a red ‘dot’ at the end?”

Et voilà!

And for the favicon (the little symbol that shows on the browser tab), this is what I came up with:   L'Impact


Original and fun, black and red… making an Impact… what more to ask?

In conclusion

I was proud to create, once again, the “Wow effect” for my client. That feeling of “Yes! This is exactly what I needed even though I didn’t know it”. It’s the great satisfaction of a job well done and for more work in the future.

The logo is also going to be printed and I can’t wait to show you the results!

Thanks for reading 😊

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