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The story: IOFS Institute

The Implant, Oral and Facial Surgery Institute (IOFS) is a nonprofit organization which aims to promote research and scientific activities: articles, seminars and congress concerning implant surgery.

My client, a Belgian doctor based in Wemmel, gave me this project due to our long and fruitful collaboration. Indeed, we’ve been working together for 2 years and this is the 4th website I’m am designing for him after:

This is also the 4th logo I have created for him, after the ones of the above mentioned websites.

The process

I needed to think about something that would nicely display all the “subjects” listed in the name of the organization (IOFS): implant, oral and facial surgery. Naturally, I imagined some kind of face + some kind of teeth (tooth) but how to arrange them well?

So the idea came to draw a face with half of it “dashed”, to represent the facial aesthetics part. For those who don’t know, in plastic surgery, they draw little dotted lines on the face or the body to indicate where the incisions will go:

IOFS Institute

Then I had to find a way to integrate an abstract representation of a tooth for the oral and implant part. That’s when I thought: “hmmm, what if I inserted both parts of the tooth as the woman’s hair?”. Et voilà!

The details

The fonts used in the logo :

  • Raleway (Bold): ‘IMPLANT, ORAL & FACIAL’
  • Lato (Light): ‘SURGERY INSTITUTE’

both a with -90° gradient of the colors blue of the “tooth”.

Also, I chose different shades of blue for the whole design because, according to the color psychology (as I explain in my previous post on Visual Identity), blue inspire feelings like trust and competence. I thought this was totally appropriate for all things medical.

In conclusion

I have added this logo to list of designs I am proud of. Especially because my client liked it instantly. He asked for a little alteration but quickly came back to the first version, saying it was the best. Which is good because I preferred this one too!

It was overall a really fun experience and there will definitely be more.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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