DS Club Tornacum

Behind The Logo: DS Club Tornacum

The story: DS Club Tornacum

DS Store Tournai is a DS cars dealer located in Tournai, Belgium.

One of my colleagues, who bought his car there, had the idea to create a private club whose members all own a DS 7 Crossback: DS Club Tornacum. This club would allow its members to:

  • receive and share exclusive information,
  • attend special events,
  • be the first to test drive new models, …

From there, they needed a logo and that’s where I come in.

The process

I needed to think of a design that would nicely represent the brand (DS) in general but also the club in particular. The logo would need to be compact but remain legible on small supports like the membership cards or label pins.

So I finally opted for something round, with the DS logo itself repeated in the background, like a mosaic, but also quite present in the foreground.

The details

The font used the logo:

I chose this combination to create a beautiful contrast between all the text elements and to compliment the DS logo. That is why the text appears on a white band, like it was projected from the logo.

The colors also help to reinforce the whole visual with their respective inner meanings (check this image to learn more about color psychology):

  • Black: power, sophistication,…
  • Red: energy, passion

For me, that’s what the car itself inspires, the feeling I get when I see it: powerful but elegant,

In conclusion

This logo is one of the few I am really proud of. Not only because it turned out great and my client was really satisfied with the result but also because I enjoyed the whole process of creation.

It was a good experience and I’m open for many more.

Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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